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Welcome to Chicago Wood Badge!

Wood Badge is an adult training where you work with others to learn and practice leadership skills (as a member of a successful working team) and live the values of scouting.

Wood Badge for the 21st Century
21st Century Wood Badge is the ultimate leadership training experience for adult BSA leaders, conducted in an outdoor encampment, with the focus on application of leadership skills. These skills are conveyed through active learning sessions in an ideal Scout setting.

Skills Useful Outside of Scouting
You will be able to use these lessons and experiences from Wood Badge outside of scouting to make every team a successful team, whether the team is at your work or is your family.

Inspired in England by Lord Baden-Powell at Gilwell Camp, Wood Badge is today offered around the world. Upon completion, a Scouter receives a certificate and two beads, and becomes a permanent member of Troop 1, Gilwell.

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Become the kind of leader that our youth will remember…


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Aug 16-18, 2013
Sep 20-22, 2013

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James Sullivan

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